Sustainability Policy

Under the mission of making the impossible possible for the people of the world, the SIOS Group works toward achieving its primary management objective of pursuing innovative solutions to resolve issues affecting people and to contribute to a better society (creative, fulfilling, and sustainable & connected).
In pursuit of this mission, the Group has been operating under the policy described below, which addresses environmental, social, and economic agendas.
In addition, the Group is committed to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), established as a set of common goals embraced by the international community.

Sustainability Policy

Products and Services

We leverage our technological expertise and provide products and services to help achieve a better society having the following three aspects:

  • Creative: Society in which people unleash their creative thinking
  • Fulfilling: Society in which people live happy and healthy lives
  • Sustainable & connected: Society in which people live in a safe and secure environment, make efficient and responsible use of natural resources, and help bring renewed vibrancy and prosperity to the communities in which they reside

Respect for Human Rights

  • We respect the human rights of all stakeholders who engage in our business or are affected by it.
  • We create a workplace environment in which all employees respect and motivate each other and work as a team to achieve challenging goals, and in which every employee has an opportunity to grow personally and collectively as a team.


  • Passion, Creativity, Commitment, Integrity, and Teamwork are the five core beliefs that make up SIOS Values, which guide actions and behavior of all our officers and employees. Our officers and employees uphold these values when observing laws and acting with a sense of ethics and mission at work.

Social Outreach

  • We carry out the SIOS Sustainability Project (SSP), which operates outside the normal course of our business domain, to play the role expected of a responsible corporate citizen.

Organization to Promote Sustainability

The Corporate Planning Department of SIOS Corporation is responsible for developing the Group's sustainability strategy and tracking its progress. The department regularly reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors, which reviews them and determines whether actions taken bear direct relevance to the Group's sustainable growth.

Key Sustainability Initiatives

The SIOS Group has defined its key medium- and long-term sustainability initiatives, taking into consideration the impact that our business has on the environment and society, as well as expectations of our stakeholders and society.

Table of status, goals, and classification for issues
Key initiatives Actions taken
(during the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021)
Corresponding SDG
Develop services that address social issues Providing value through business activities 8.Decent work and economic growth
Pursue environmental stewardship
  • Held a workshop that taught how to repurpose scrap wood.
  • Repurposed wine corks.
  • Donated stockpiled food, near its expiration date, to a charity
15.Life on land
Embracing diverse lifestyles Operated an online store named Organic Story to sell Japanese organic products directly to consumers. 3.Good health and well-being

DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Policy

The SIOS Group has been undertaking a variety of DEI initiatives, under the policy outlined below:

DEI Policy

The SIOS Group promotes a workplace environment in which diverse employees respect each other and work together. The Group also provides every employee with an equal opportunity and support, so that they can realize their full potential and actively engage as members of a team. In this way, we intend to help all employees achieve the shared goal of creating innovation and value.

  • Diversity: A variety of differences existing among employees or groups of employees, defined by gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, religious belief, disabilities, social standing, sexual orientation, gender identity, values, and type of employment.
  • Equity:Providing additional support and accommodation to help employees who, for whatever reason, have been unable to take advantage of the services and opportunities available to them.
  • Inclusion:A state in which every employee earns the trust of others and actively participates in an organization's decision-making process without feeling pressured or stressed.

Providing greater career opportunities to female employees

The SIOS Group treats every employee equally and fairly regardless of gender. We do not have any gender inequalities in promotion and compensation. We will continue to take action to promote more female employees to managerial positions.

Quotas to be met by December 31, 2024
Percentage of female employees: 40% (X% as of December 31, 2021)
Percentage of female managers: 20% (X% as of December 31, 2021)

Key objectives and actions to be taken from January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2024

Table of objectives and measures
Objectives Actions
Hire more female employees Hire female employees through the job placement website dedicated to female job seekers
Ask female employees to share their opinions on career options and opportunities at SIOS via social media
Hire female employees with leadership potential
Provide leadership training to qualified female employees Training for female employees
Provide a more accommodating workplace environment for female employees Shift to a work style based on remote work

Eliminating the mandatory retirement age

The SIOS Group believes that it is in the best interests of the company and society to allow its employees, who collectively constitute its greatest assets, to continue to work into old age as long as they wish.
We have therefore eliminated the mandatory retirement age effective October 1, 2020, to provide continued employment opportunities to all employees regardless of age.

Providing more flexible working arrangements

The SIOS Group believes that it is in the best interests of the company to provide more flexible working arrangements to employees to accommodate their individual needs, for better work-life balance. We encourage employees to take parenting leave and teleworking options.

Hiring people with disabilities

The SIOS Group provides employees with disabilities with an opportunity to learn skills and earn their living side by side with able-bodied employees in an accommodating workplace environment.