Mid-long term Management Strategy

Management Policy

Under the mission of “making the impossible possible for the people of the world,” the SIOS Group pursues innovative solutions to resolve issues affecting people and to contribute to the betterment of society.

Medium-Term Management Strategy

The Group uses EBITDA and ROIC as its key management metrics to continue to generate positive cash flow. Positive cash flow enables the Group to invest in the three driving forces for our growth—people, research and development, and a corporate culture that fosters innovation—and to return profit to our shareholders and stakeholders. Through these efforts, the Group works toward achieving its primary management objective.

Medium-Term Business Plan for FY 2024-2026

We intend to continually bolster our EBITDA and ROIC performance by expanding our SaaS business and growing new businesses.
Our goal is to bring our ROIC ratio well above our WACC ratio by FY 2026.

ROIC and Cost of Capital

*ROIC:Operating profit after tax / (Shareholders’ equity + Interest-bearing debts)
*ROIC is calculated assuming an effective tax rate of 35%
*WACC:Weighted average cost of capital, which indicates the blended cost that a company pays on all its debt and equity